Customization of our desktop

It is now up to us to customize the desktop.

I will be using the following assets

  1. Sardi icons from sourceforge
  2. Sardi extra icons from github
  3. Surfn icons from github
  4. Plank themes from github
  5. Aureola conky from github

and all the scripts to install any of the above and all the applications we need to work and play from this github.

Content of the tutorial

We will go to the github of AntergosMate and download the installation scripts. Scripts or files are just a collection of terminal commands, you would type to install software, pasted in one file.

Tip : you can fork my github and change the scripts to your liking

More info about forking.

Follow and install the scripts. You will receive an explanation about the contents of the scripts.


Personalisation of Antergos Mate

Some of these scripts can be useful for you. I leave it up to you to examine if you like to install them. The scripts are in the folder Personal.

Follow the explanations about the scripts.

  • creation of folder in order to copy/paste preferences to it
  • same bookmarks on any distro
  • keyboard shortcuts are going to be the same on any distro
  • gnome-screenshot save as jpg rather than png
  • gimp scripts and themes
  • sublime-text preferences
  • variety preferences
  • arc colora themes


Customizing Antergos Mate

We have installed all elements for our tweaking exercise like icons, themes, cursors, wallpapers etcetera.

Variety is providing us with beautifull wallpapers from
We will use variety to change and get new wallpapers. More info about all the tips on variety.

Changing the theme of plank (100+ themes) and making sure it starts up at reboot;

We start the conky and change the image of the Aureola Acros conky.

We will show how to get the latest updates for Aureola and change the image and the colouring.

Changing the icons via appearance to sardi icons or surfn icons

Selecting a personal colour of the Arc Theme : Arc Dark Tacao

Changing the font is important : choosing Noto Sans Regular

Changing the mouse cursor is done in appearance.

Mate Tweak is super interesting.

Removing the icons on the desktop.

Putting applications in favorites

Using compton as window manager

You can use compton as window manager. Use Mate Tweak to change quickly from compositor and then decide if you want to keep it.

Compton can be used as compositor manager or window manager. It will provide you with

  • transparency
  • dimming inactive
  • shadow
  • fading in and fading out

Compton can take care of all of these options including fading in and fading out. You can work without a personal configuration file but the fun is in tweaking this configuration file.

Let us install compton and use a personal configuration file. Four steps to take.

1 . install compton

2. copy/paste configuration file

The file marco-compton.conf should be copy/pasted in  ~/.config.

3. activate marco-compton at boot

You DO NEED to add marco-compton to the startup sequence via start-up applications

4. select it with mate-tweak

Then you activate the Marco compton gpu compositor via mate tweak.

Let us show you what steps to take to arrive at a system working on compton.


Using metacity as window manager

Here you can also set metacity to use compton to be responsible as compositing manager (shadows, transparency,…).

Procedure is similar.

  1. install metacity and compton
  2. copy/paste configuration file  metacity-compton.conf to ~/.config
  3. make sure metacity-compton starts at bootup
  4. use make-tweak to switch to the new window manager



Using compiz as window manager

You can use compiz as well but you should know it easier to break your system with this one. Try this out on a test pc or a virtualbox environment first.

We show you some of the features. These feature are the same on every distro. Check out this article to see more compiz features.

  • wobbly windows
  • transparent cube



We were waiting until the compiz-manjaro was build and installed. In the meantime we were creative.
Changing the Aureola conky from colour. Switching from orange to grey. (3:00)

Let us make a new icon theme based on Sardi Mono Papirus Colora (4:47 to 11:18) with the name of Sardi Mono Papirus Colora Gainsboro.

TIP : Changing the borders should be done in the Appearance and I have chosen Arc Dark.

Activate compiz via mate-tweak. Not needed to add anything to “Startup Applications” but do check if you have started compton or metacity in there. Disable them to resolve conflicts.


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