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First we will show you how easy it is to install Linux Mint. We will install it on Virtualbox.

Later we will use this github to install i3 on Linux Mint Cinnamon. It could have been Xfce or Mate. That really does not matter. As a matter of fact I have first installed it on Mate then re-installed it on Xfce and improved the code. Now we will install it on Cinnamon and document it.

You can get it with the zip file or via these commands in the terminal

sudo apt install git
git clone

Any video about i3 is interesting.

Think out of the box.

Think out of the desktop.

i3 just runs on any distro.

We will go over all the content of all the files and run them one by one.

Read the config file in ~/.config/i3/config and see what you want to use and change.

There are lots of articles on this website about i3. You can check out the ArcoLinux websites too. i3 is part of the ArcoLinux project.