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I have made my decision to move the bulk of my data to google drive (Dropbox proves to be slower than Google drive) and bought myself 100GB of space for 2€/month. As a developer of ArchLabs I constantly do clean installs of the latest iso of ArchLabs and each time I will sync all the data from the clouds (Dropbox and Google Drive) to my newly created system. So I am in good position to see which one is the fastest. But it is all about freedom. You compare. You choose.

Picture taken June 2017.

I had already decided to buy insync after testing it for 15 days since February 2017. Insync is a synchronizer. It will create a folder on my local drive and will sync all folders/files in there to the google drive and vice-versa.

Tip : set qtconfig-qt4 to something else than gtk+

In this animated gif created with peek you can see the settings available in Insync.


This tutorial will install insync all the way till the syncing of the folders/files starts.