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Installing software or in this case icon themes can be very simple. Go to the Software Center.
Choose the category Desktop Software & Theming,  Desktop Theming and choose one of them and click on the INSTALL button.
Once you have decided not to keep it, you can then go to the same place and choose for the REMOVE button.

I wanted to included two other ways if you are up to it.

You can install

  • via terminal
  • via script (in essence a copy/paste from the terminal)

If you decide to make a script then this will be your document to safeguard on Dropbox, Google Drive and the likes.

Why a script

  • less time consuming next time you (re)install Solus
  • serves as my memory
  • build up your knowledge about the system
  • reinstall the great software you found
  • reinstall the great themes and icon themes you liked
  • do not waste time figuring out names and applications ‘again’


Installing elementary icons as an example



Let us get some great icon themes.

Installing three icon themes : Evopop, Numix Circle and Paper icon theme

And let us copy/paste those terminal lines to our script or not.