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Just wondered if I could install i3 on the very recent release 16.10 of Ubuntu.

I3 improved tiling manager has proven its stability to me over the years on systems like

  • archlinux
  • antergos
  • linux mint 16, 17, 18

and now Ubuntu 16.10.

Started with the scripts of this article for Linux Mint Cinnamon and copy/paste the procedure to Ubuntu.

And what do you know . The installation procedure is exactly the same for Linux Mint 18 and Ubuntu 16.10.

All the tutorials I made for Linux Mint are also valid for Ubuntu 16.10.

Why install i3 as a second way to login?

  • because it is fun
  • because it is fast
  • because it uses less cpu
  • because it uses less memory
  • because it uses keyboard shortcuts
  • because tiling is fun and makes sense
  • because tiling windows managers are geeky

Installation of i3 on Ubuntu 16.10

Installation of i3 on Ubuntu 16.10 is the same as on Linux Mint 18 and can be followed here . Follow these steps but use the Ubuntu github instead.

The only difference between both githubs is that Ubuntu uses Nautilus as file manager and Linux Mint uses Nemo.

Some screenshots

Follow the linux mint and i3 tutorials to know much more details.

This video is intended to give you an impression of i3 windows manager. There are more articles and tutorials on this site.


Once you know i3wm you can try other distro’s as well.