Customization of our desktop

It is now up to us to customize the desktop.

I will be using the following assets

  1. Sardi icons from sourceforge
  2. Sardi extra icons from github
  3. Surfn icons from github
  4. Plank themes from github
  5. Aureola conky from github

and all the scripts to install any of the above and all the applications we need to work and play from this github.

Content of the tutorial

We will go to the github of AntergosCinnamon and download the installation scripts. Scripts or files are just a collection of terminal commands, you would type to install software, pasted in one file.

Let us make the filemanager Nemo better and add some of the icons in the toolbar.

Tip : you can fork a github and change it to your liking

Follow and install the scripts. You will receive an explanation about the contents of the scripts.


Customizing Antergos Cinnamon

We have installed all elements for our tweaking exercise like icons, themes, cursors, wallpapers etcetera.

We start variety and change the wallpaper. More info about all the tips on variety.

Change the name of the menu.

Let us change the theme, icons and cursor.

Starting plank and check out the preferences. Installing the 100+ themes + setting it to start at boot.

Change the image of the Aureola Acros conky.

Change the icon of the menu to any other icon. We go to Sardi/scalable/places/ and take one of the start-here… icons.

Showing the surf icons.

Going into the system settings to tell you what I change every time.

  • Noto Sans Regular will be set as default font.
  • able to have icons on all wallpapers
  • opacify moving windows
  • preferred applications
  • screensaver use?
  • tile windows – maximize windows
  • power management – shutdown immediately when pressing power button
  • add software to favorites or panel
  • make terminal transparent
  • installing software via packer
  • pamac is the software update manager in Antergos
  • making the terminal beautiful and transparent
  • sudo pacman -Syu  to update standard repositories
  • packer -Syu to update the AUR repositories



Arc Colora

You can use the arc themes with their different colours and make some more. Read more about Arc Colora here.

There is a script to move the Arc Colora themes to your personal folder ~/.themes.



Endresult on ssd and all software has been installed

We used the scripts from github to install all the software. We will show you the endresult and talk about all the installed applications.


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