Installation of the Budgie Desktop

All it takes is a few words in a terminal.

sudo pacman -S budgie-desktop

I wanted to save some time and I cloned the Antergos Gnome in VirtualBox and we will install Budgie next to it and log back in with the budgie desktop.

We go into detail how the budgie installation script works and why we get these errors. We will find a solution that will work for the future.
Future scripts will not have these errors.

ps. I tried installing the git version end February 2017. That resulted in a black screen. I advice against it at this time.


Personal preferences

When making Antergos Gnome we did install all the personal preferences and they are still working. Going over the content of the scripts.



Customization of Antergos Budgie

The most important part of Budgie is the raven panel. But you will notice that you will need the gnome tweak tool once in a while.

Contents of the tutorial

Gnome Tweak tool will help you to set applications to autostart at boot.

We update our system with pamac. But you can also select it as package manager

Updating can be done in the terminal as well with

sudo pacman -Syu
packer -Syu

You can pin applications to the menu.

We will install the aureola conky skeleton and change the logo and colour.

Gpick is a great tool to sample colours from your wallpaper and get a colour name.

Plank can be added and configured. Autostart plank at reboot.

Gnome Tweak tool can be used for a variety of tasks.
We will change the theme, icons, fonts, cursor, …
Icons on desktop can be set.
We deleted some of the workspaces.

Gnome settings will provide you with all preferences for display, bluetooth, printer, sound etc.

Raven panel is THE panel to set preferences in Budgie. It has two tabs : general and panel.

Keyboard shortcuts are : Super + A or Super + N


  • dark theme
  • widget theme
  • icon theme
  • cursor theme
  • fonts


  • extra panel
  • move panel to bottom
  • size of panel
  • a shadow beneath the menu
  • applets can be changed
  • menu applet can be changed
  • changing the menu name
  • changing the menu look
  • roll-over mouse

Fixing contacts icon that is not following the sardi icons with sublime text.

You can add also applets to the budgie menu. Check it out. You can also move applets around.
We will add the applet places in the tutorial.

If you experience problems with your raven panel, you can reset it with this code : budgie-panel --reset --replace&


Changing the menu icon of the Budgie menu

All you need to know is that the icon should be named : start-here-symbolic.svg and put it in the places folder.

Check out the top left icon.

Let us analyze how icon themes work and change the icon. The original icon, we can see, is actually coming from Sardi/scalable/places/start-here-symbolic.svg.

We copy/paste an icon, we like, to the proper directory and watch the change.


Making gnome-terminal transparent

We need to install a completely different application to be able to do that.

I will show you how packer works and how easy it is to change the installation scripts.


How to change your theme

Sometimes we do need the gnome tweak tool to set our themes correcly.

The raven panel only reads the themes from /usr/share/themes and NOT those of ~/.themes.

As you can see in the picture, we do have themes in our personal folder, but they will never show up in the selection in the raven panel.

Use the gnome-tweak-tool to solve this issue.



Fixing the icon of Sublime Text

I did not take a picture of it but when we open the sublime text the icon in the menu is not a Sardi icon.
Running a script that deletes and/or moves the wrong icons will fix the issue.