We are installing ArchLabs 4.1 or Yoda on ArchLabs. It can be installed the same way on any Arch distro. First we will need to install virtualbox. If you are on a Windows or Mac or another Linux distro you will have to find a way to install virtualbox.

Here we use a script coming from my personal github. Nemesis is what I will do after the installation of the latest iso. After installing virtualbox you need to reboot.

Then we start virtualbox and we setup a new virtual machine. You download the latest iso from sourceforge and load it in the system. It takes 7 screens to install ArchLabs and will take approx. 3 minutes.

We go over the scripts that are included in the ~/.config/openbox/scripts.

We edit the autostart file.

When you reboot the virtualbox, unmount the dvd from the virtual machine.

You can resize the virtualbox to your screen resolution. There is a tip to be sure you are successful.

We show you how to update your system and delete the icon of Archlabs-Hello from the tint2 panel.