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ArchLabs 4.0, 4.1 and 5.0 are no more.

ArchLabs 5.0 evolves into

ArchMerge and ArchMergeD

ArchMerge has Openbox and i3 as desktop environment like ArchLabs R2-D2 had.

All the theming, icons, conky’s ArchLabs had, ArchMerge has.

All the fun stuff and hidden gems.

However Archmerge’s goal is to learn, have fun and enjoy.

We promote ArchMerge as a learning platform.

We added the desktop environment XFCE for early Linux adopters.

One of the goals in ArchMerge is to teach you how to use Arch Linux.

and eventually install ANY desktop environment the Arch Linux way.

Read more on the following websites

and check out the vision of ArchMerge

and the wonders we can do

to personalize our desktop

HTTPS://ARCHMERGE.INFO – INFORMATION WEBSITE – Xfce, Openbox and i3 – any desktop environment

Budgie, Cinnamon, Xmonad, Gnome, …

We are installing ArchLabs 5.0 or R2-D2. You can try it out first in virtualbox. As a matter of fact it is fine-tuned to work smoothly on virtualbox.
Check out these articles for Windows or Mac.

Installing ArchLabs on Windows in virtualbox.
Installing ArchLabs on Mac in virtualbox.

Remember : If you install ArchLabs to an ssd or harddisk you will have to uninstall these virtualbox applications with the help of a script.



Then we start virtualbox and we setup a new virtual machine. You download the latest iso from sourceforge and load it in the system.

Download ArchLabs Linux

If you are installing ArchLabs to an ssd, we suggest you use an usb to boot from.

You can read about writing an iso to a usb in this article.

It takes 8 screens to install ArchLabs and will take approx. 3 minutes on newer hardware.

Thanks to Calamares you will have a simple and clean graphical interface.


Choose in the installation screen of Calamares whether you want to autologin or not.
This decision will result in an extra action on your side or not. Read on.




Choose your desktop

With the addition of i3wm we have to keep in mind WHAT desktop we want to choose.

Option 1 : Choose for autologin

When you choose for autologin in Calamares, you will bypass the login screen and go straight to Openbox.

Option 2 : Choose NOT to autologin

If you do not choose to autologin, remember to choose the desktop you want at the top right.
Standard ArchLabs will boot into i3.

You have to set this ONCE if you do not autologin. ArchLabs will remember your last choice from now on.


Remember this shortcut – it will serve you well Super + X

If you have now ArchLabs Yoda and you wonder why you just can’t update Yoda to R2-D2, this is explained in this article.