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Many of the laptops out there have these FN-KEYS. They are the blue ones in the picture. If your numeric key is on, you will type 4 instead of u or 5 instead of i. You get the drift.

ArchLabs has an autostart where you can launch all applications you would like to be present at boot. Can be a browser or music or anything else. During the first days of ArchLabs we had to activate our numeric keypad for our desktops every single time. If your password has digits, this can be annoying.

So we added a line in the ~/.config/openbox/autostart.

numlockx &

This will set your numeric keypad to be on. Even on desktops with a separate keypad we have to turn it on.

Put a hashtag (#) in front of this line to set your keypad in the off state next time you boot.