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Aureola conky can be installed on ANY distro so the tutorials apply to any distro. It will need conky version >1.10.

In  this installation article we have explained you where to download the iso of ARCHLabs, how to install ARCHLabs and how to customize ARCHLabs. We went into detail about the essential parts of openbox like tint2, the conky and the openbox menu. We made also a tutorial how to change the look of ARCHLabs and so on.

ARCHLabs comes with many conky’s and with a conky chooser as well. In my setup I will not use them anymore and instead I will use the Aureola conky collection.

My menu has been adapted to change the aureola conky configuration as well and to start and stop the conky application.

We will go inside the conky.conf text and explain how you should change elements and how these special commands are gradually created in a terminal and then copy/pasted in the conky.

We will change the colour scheme of the conky from the ArchLabs look to a grey conky.

Killall conky is a nice command to remember.

The running conky is in ~/.config/conky.

The aureola collection (18 conky’s) are in ~/.aureola.

What procedure do you follow to switch between conky’s?

Did you know there is an update system inside the aureola conky folder?



Some examples of Aureola conky on ARCHLabs


Some more examples of Aureola conky BUT they have graphical elements that require you to install additional software.  That is explained in this article.