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The lock screen (when you are away from your computer activated with Super +k)  is provided by the application xfce-slimlock and slim.

We have provided already 5 ArchLabs screenlock choices. They can be found in /usr/share/slim/themes.

  • archlabs
  • archlabs_black_spots
  • archlabs_nature
  • archlabs_wood
  • archlabs_neutral

While writing this article I created archlabs_transfer (4k – 3840×2160 – wallpaper) (created after release of R2-D2)

More will surely follow. These themes are updated with packer and the package is called archlabs-slimlock-themes-git.

However the configuration file is in /etc/slim.conf. You will need to edit this file to add new themes or delete themes you do not like.
You can get at this file via your menu.

To have archlabs_transfer you will have to edit the /etc/slim.conf and add a line for any new theme like

#current_theme archlabs, archlabs_nature, archlabs_wood , archlabs_neutral, archlabs_black_spots, archlabs_transfer
 #current_theme archlabs
 #current_theme archlabs_black_spots
 #current_theme archlabs_nature
 #current_theme archlabs_neutral
 #current_theme archlabs_wood
 current_theme archlabs_transfer