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When you press Super + x you will logout of Openbox and you will be presented with icons. Those icons are coming from a theme that is being installed by a package called archlabs-oblogout-themes-git. If we update this package, you will get more icon themes in.

This is the content of the file /etc/oblogout.conf.

It is here that you change the settings. Opacity can be set to 100 i.e. completely black or change the icon theme.

usehal = false

opacity = 80
bgcolor = black
buttontheme = Sardi-Oblogout
#buttontheme = adeos-branco
#buttontheme = adeos-branco-mono
buttons = cancel, logout, restart, shutdown, suspend, hibernate, lock

cancel = Escape
shutdown = S
restart = R
suspend = U
logout = L
lock = K
hibernate = H

shutdown = systemctl poweroff
restart = systemctl reboot
suspend = systemctl suspend
hibernate = systemctl hibernate
logout = openbox --exit
lock = slimlock
#switchuser = gdm-control --switch-user
#safesuspend = safesuspend


As you can see in the above text there are now three themes present. You can choose

  • buttontheme = Sardi-Oblogout
  • buttontheme = adeos-branco
  • buttontheme = adeos-branco-mono

These is a visual representation of the three choices.


When writing I have added one more theme Adeos-cores. Update and you will receive this extra theme. That is how it works.

You will need to add this one to the /etc/oblogout.conf to use it.

buttontheme = adeos-cores


Source of Adeos :