When you press Super + x you will logout of Openbox and you will be presented with icons. Those icons are coming from a theme that is being installed by a package called archlabs-oblogout-themes-git. If we update this package, you will get more icon themes in.

This is the content of the file /etc/oblogout.conf.

It is here that you change the settings. Opacity can be set to 100 i.e. completely black or change the icon theme.


As you can see in the above text there are now three themes present. You can choose

  • buttontheme = Sardi-Oblogout
  • buttontheme = adeos-branco
  • buttontheme = adeos-branco-mono

These is a visual representation of the three choices.


When writing I have added one more theme Adeos-cores. Update and you will receive this extra theme. That is how it works.

You will need to add this one to the /etc/oblogout.conf to use it.


Source of Adeos : http://bruhensant.deviantart.com