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This was one of the first things I had to figure out. Or i3wm is going to mirror everything, meaning same screen on both monitors or workspaces end up in the wrong monitor.

Naturally I went to look for my solution here :

They speak of an application xrandr. It is installed on ArchLabs. We need it to know how my screens are named.

I have had many monitors over the last years. These are now my current ones. They are called HDMI1 and HDMI2.
There are other names in the config file of i3.

Then we need to tell i3 which screen I want to the right of HDMI1.

exec –no-startup-id xrandr –output HDMI2 –right-of HDMI1 –auto

The rest of the config file is going to tell which workspaces go on which monitor.

Even with this configuration file things will work on a single monitor as there is no choice but to put it on that single monitor.


Follow the video to know more.



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