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In ArchLabs we can use the menu to change the conky as you can see in the image below.

What is more we can select as many conky’s as we want. Providing they do not overlap in position on the screen.
Then you will have to go in the code to tell the conky to move to an other position on the screen.


But that is not all. I use the following options regularly.

  • reload conky’s
  • edit conky’s that are currently running

The conky’s can be found in the folder



Interesting to know

1. Documentation

We have a folder documentation where you can find information about conky’s. You will find same or similar information online.


2. Examples

The folder examples contains a picture from every conky we have added. So you can flip through them without actually installing every one of them and decide which one you want to activate.


3. Fonts

Some of the fonts have copyright on them so we will NOT distribute them on the iso. Instead you can go this folder and follow the link in there to download the font.
These fonts are free for personal use.

Every conky will tell if it needs an extra font at the top of the conky.

4. Images

In this folder you can find many other nice logo’s and images. Switch between by changing the reference to the image in the conky.

${image ~/.config/conky/images/archlabs.png -p 170,0 -s 50x50}

-s : size of the image

-p : position of the image (x,y)

5. LUA

Some of the conky’s have the letters ‘LUA’ in their name. It means you need to install something to make these conky’s visible.

Lua is a way to expand the conky with clocks, dials, blocks, etc. It is a programming language.

More information can be found here :

Don’t worry all will just work out of the box IF you install LUA support.

We have not installed it as it depends on your hardware. So install it now using

packer conky lua

You could choose the one that most people have voted for and give that a try. If it works, remember to install that one next time around for your personal hardware.

6. scripts

In this folder you will find all the ‘extra applications’ we run when executing a conky like

  • dropbox check



Let us take a look at the conky chooser.

We will continuously add conky’s to the collection. So this video will always be outdated.