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After getting the latest conky’s from the archlabs we can change the AP-Weather conky to a personal colour. I will be using gpick to sample the colour from the wallpaper and change the conky accordingly.

Do not forget to change the API key and city key to your own key and city. That has been explained here.

With a script you can make 16,777,216 color combinations.

Procedure to change the colour

  1. make a copy to work on
  2. gpick to sample the color
  3. get the hexadecimal color
  4. change the color in the conky
  5. copy/paste the weather icons and rename the folder
  6. make the script executable – first rename to .sh
  7. change the colour
  8. run the script
  9. open the conky and change the folder name to where the icons will come from


This is the result of our project. We use the blue colour of the eyes of the woman and change our conky accordingly : #A0BFC2