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In  this installation article we have explained you where to download the iso of ARCHLabs, how to install ARCHLabs and how to customize ARCHLabs. We went into detail about the essential parts of openbox like tint2, the conky and the openbox menu. We made also a tutorial how to change the look of ARCHLabs and so on.

The look or appearance of our openbox is quite important and deserves more attention and explanation.

We need to remember some key factors and applications.

  • archlabs is using openbox and a small amount of xfce4
  • openbox has its configuration files and applications – obconf and lxappearance
  • xfce has its configuration files and applications  – xfce4-appearance-settings
  • and GTK has its settings.  – qtconfig-qt4

We will go over all the themes and icons that come with ARCHLabs and show you how that looks. We installed the package openbox-themes via our personal folder scripts.

Arc colora themes are personally created Arc themes. You can create Arc themes yourself with the use of a few scripts. More info about Arc Colora here.

We change the Noto regular font to Roboto regular. But the challenge is to change all fonts everywhere.

Window border is set separately in openbox.

Going over all sardi and surfn icons.

We can change the font size of the Openbox menu in the obconf. At the end of the tutorial.