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Plank is a dock application. You can pin the most important applications to it. It is also very theme-able.

Plank is hashtagged out in the ~/.config/openbox/autostart file.
Just delete the hashtag in front of it and reboot.

With CTRL + SHIFT  + right click mouse anywhere on the plank you can get into the preferences.

Change theme.
Make icons bigger.
Make icons bigger when hovering over them.
Move plank to other position.

Plank theme location

ArchLabs has its own AUR package. It is a selection of my personal github.

  • archlabs-plank-themes-git

All new updates of this package will add the themes to this location. You will be able to select them automatically in the preferences.


You can also copy/paste themes from the net in this location. They will pop-up in your theme drop-down.




Want to make your own plank theme. Great. Here is the tutorial.
Plank works on many distro’s. Any technical tutorial will do just fine.

Where to get more plank themes 100+