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In ArchLabs we decided to take a fork from the official i3wm i.e. i3 next gaps hosted on github.

It allows us to have gaps and borders if we want. In this fashion we can see our wallpaper that is behind the windows. But we can decide to put the variables of borders and gaps on 0 and then we will have the original i3 without gaps or borders.

We can make the gaps as wide as we want and the same goes for the borders, that we can color as well.

In your config you will find that all the necessary info is put together.

Config is your heart and brain of i3. Read it.



In this tutorial we will show how to switch from openbox to i3.

We will install screenkey to show which keys I press. We will do it in a terminal. You can do the same in Thunar, our filemanager. We will use git clone instead of downloading a zip files from github.

Explaining the autostart of applications in i3 – it is inside ~/.config/i3/config.

A lot of shortcuts. Check the conky. Check the config.

Super +X is the way to exit i3 and openbox.

Follow the tutorial for more tips and pointers.



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