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Conky is a free software system monitor.
It is available for Linux. Conky is highly configurable and is able to monitor many system variables including the status of the CPU, memory, swap space, disk storage, temperatures, processes, network interfaces, battery power, system messages, e-mail inboxes, Linux updates, many popular music players, and much more.

This is the AP-Weather-Orange conky.

But you have also

  • white
  • green
  • red
  • blue
  • and orange.

5 colours to choose from.

With a script you can make 16,777,216 color combinations. That is explained in this article.

The AP-Weather Conky is coming from Adhi Pambudi, who was so kind to share it with Archlabs.

Use your conky chooser to change the conky

If you do not have this conky yet, read this article first.

Procedure to finetune AP-Weather

Since the conky relies on applications we will need to install them.
It also relies on the service of You need to change my personal code with you personal code.
This text has been copy/pasted from the openweathermap website.

Access limitation : If account exceeds the limits, then a notification about limits exceeding is sent. If it repeats again, then the account is blocked for an hour. Therefore, the lock period is increased by one hour until 4 hours block sets. When blocking repeats the fifth time, then the lock period lasts 24 hours. This rule is cycled. Please be carefull with the number of API calls you complete.

So please, I urge you to change the personal API key.

  1. open a terminal and type sudo pacman -S curl jq ttf-roboto  for the conky to work
  2. get your own personal API Key by signing up here :
  3. find your city id here :
  4. replace my personal api code and city code with your own
  5. select the AP-Weather conky you just changed
  6. do not forget to change the other conky’s