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Oktober 19 2016 Solus released Solus Budgie 1.2.1 Budgie. Many features have been added to the system. We even received a complete new desktop i.e. the Mate desktop. You can read all the details in this article about all the new features. If you want to give Solus a try, you can use this link to download the distro.

In the movie we will go over all the elements of Solus Budgie in order to show you what you will get after a clean installation.
In particular the Raven Panel is interesting to fine-tune your Budgie desktop.


Some tips about the file manager.

Let us bookmark some of the folders for later use with CTRL + D or just drag them to their place.
Hide or unhide the hidden folders with CTRL + H




We will start with the standard look, which let us be honest, looks awesome to …

I did change the wallpaper … sorry.



to a more customized look. Where is all the cool stuff for customizing your desktop?