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Going for the full Gentoo experience.

Holiday project of July/August 2020

Installing an EFI based Virtualbox for x64 systems.

This is the handbook we are following.

Living to learn, learning to live.

What I have learned?

The feeling of being a noob again
The wiki of Gentoo merits your attention
Building from source takes time
Installation guide till GRUB is very similar to Arch Linux
I barely scratched the surface

Why have I stopped?

This was just for fun. A holiday project
It was a slow progression. Too slow for me
Too much time goes into building all the packages
It was fun while it lasted
Return on Investment was too low
Too much time went into it and too little came out of it
I am still on holiday for a few more days. I would like to spend them not building every package I need
I am too impatient to wait for all the builds


What steps should I still take?

I need to become sudo when I am user ERIK
I need to have xorg
I need to have graphical drivers
I need to have lightdm and a lightdm greeter
I need to have sound and printing
I need to have so many packages – between 1500-2000 packages need to be build depending what desktop and what packages I want



My apologies to all the Gentoo lovers out there

It is just not for me

I am happy however that people can have another choice to use a Linux system