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EDIT : in the mean time a year has passed. I made many github scripts to easily install any Arch desktop environment. Check out github for my scripts.

Checkout my GITHUB scripts.

Some months ago I discovered Arch Linux but never got around to write an article about it.

I started out on the wiki website and read the beginners guide and the installation guide. Another great place where I got my knowledge from was I can recommend this site as well. The fun in archlinux is that you can install a system from scratch. If you already installed linux with ‘installation wizards’ than this will be a completely new approach. Everything happens in the terminal and is typed in.

And then you choose the desktop environment you like.
In windows you would choose xp, vista, windows 8 or 10.
In linux you can choose Xfce, Gnome, Cinnamon, KDE, i3 and many others.

These environments come on top of arch linux system.

There are also distributions that build on the arch linux building blocks and provide an easier way (read wizard like) way to install archlinux together with a desktop environment of your liking.

I would like to put forward Antergos as a easy to install arch linux system with the option to choose the desktop when you install it. Flavours are :

  • Gnome
  • KDE
  • Cinnamon
  • Xfce

Archlinux has a rolling release meaning that you will never hear that version x has been released as other distributions have them like Linux Mint 17.3 Rosa.

The idea is that your distro is up-to-date all the time.

Furthermore you have a large community that ensures that all the latest programs are working and are up-to-date. You can install them easily and are located on the AUR archlinux website.

Pictures of the flavours in Archlinux

Pictures of the flavours in Antergos