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We started with some passion for a movie then an idea to change our desktop to match the movie.

Get you wallpaper and put it in the variety favorites. If you have a login, your wallpaper will be synced to your other computers too. Read more about variety here.

You can change the colour of the conky with just one hexadecimal code.

Changing the colour of Mint-Y theme. Read more here. You can download all the created Mint-Y themes here.

Changing the theme of the plank. Read more here.

Changing the colour of the icons of Sardi Flexible to match the wallpaper. Read more here.

The result of this desktop tuning can be found on my github including the wallpapers.

Enjoy the mute tutorial. All elements can be found on this website as well as many tutorials.


Changing the colour of Arc theme. Read more here.
This is a mute tutorial. You can download all created arc themes here.