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When I saw the openbox theme from Duncan Pringle called Hibiscus I immediately liked the dark pink color against the black. Then a WHAT IF popped in my head.

What if I created a new Arc Theme with the use of my Arc Colora scripts.

Follow the tutorial to make your own colored version of the Arc theme from Horst3180.

We have chosen this color : #d52f61  We call it Hibiscus.

All created elements are stored on github for your convenience.

Arc Colora works on any distro.


Next up is changing the theme for tint2. You have two places where the themes are saved :

  • ~/.config/tint2
  • /usr/share/tint2

Atom has been installed with minimap and pigment.


Next up is changing the conky from Adhi Pambudi. AP-Weather-Hibiscus.

In this tutorial we have forgotten to change one thing in the conky.
Change in the conky also red to hibiscus. Next tutorial I will change that.


Now we will change rofi but it is situated in the protected part of our system.


But first fixing the red icon of previous tutorial to the hibiscus colour/folder.


Here we will create a Sardi Flexible Hibiscus based on Sard Flexible. See plank on the left.


First I am giving an overview of Sardi. There is a lot you can change with scripts. Check them out.

Copy/paste the sardi icon theme from /usr/share/icons to ~/.icons  and work there.
Rename the folder.
Do not forget to change the name in the index.theme.

Run the script after changing the color.



Then I had a what if again. I wanted to use the Numix folders together with Sardi Flexible Hibiscus.

We will show you how easy it is to change the Sardi icons with the inherits line.
This is what I mean with Sardi is modular.



All created elements are stored on github for your convenience.