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After the creation of all the 103 extra Sardi icons it is time to make pimp my desktop.

A beautiful wallpaper has been supplied by variety and I will make all other elements follow the coloring.


My menu has been changed to a ‘bigger menu’.

Variety gives us great wallpapers.

Going over the 123 possible Sardi icons – only the red, orange or yellow ones

Changing the conky from colour

Changing the rofi theme



Combustion on i3wm

After making this tutorial I wondered if I could get a similar look on i3wm. I filmed it on with dual screen full knowing that it would be difficult to see for some smaller screens. It is intended to be viewed on the larger screens.

This is how I work on i3wm with a dual monitor. It is only then that you really use your ‘pixel real estate’.

The advantage of having i3wm on Archlabs Openbox is that most of the elements were already set right when booting in i3wm.

Meaning you can set the elements in openbox and then move into i3.

Arc-themes was set right.
Rofi themes was set right.
Icon theme was set right.

Changed the conky from color. From gray to white.

Changed the wallpaper. Previous one.

Changing the colours of the bar in i3wm.



This is the code to change the colours in the bar at the bottom to orange. I have changed some colours since the video.


Changing the window decorations of i3wm.


This is the code to change the colours of the window decorations in i3wm to orange.


The end result of the theming