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There are a few reasons WHY we prefer to do a clean installation instead of an upgrade.

  • Windows is getting sluggish – slow
  • Windows is teeming with virusses and spyware
  • Windows harddisk is getting full
  • Windows and Mac are fighting for space on your mac system
  • Drivers are not working as they should
  • Bloatware is annoying
  • Hardware is not functioning as it should

A clean install can be the solution.

Just remember that it will ERASE any and all information on your harddisk. So you better backup.

Backup to

  • Dropbox
  • Icloud
  • Onedrive
  • USB
  • External harddrive

Then you proceed with the clean install!

Follow this link to get the media creation tool from Microsoft. DO NOT TRUST any other websites or links. It will be displayed in your language.


Option 1

This is actually upgrading. You will keep all your documents but also all your viruses and problems.

Option 2

This is the clean install. Get your media creation executable and run it. Keep an 5+GB in the usb slot.

Make sure you restart the pc so you can select your usb to boot from. You may to look up what keyboard shortcut you should use to select the proper device to boot from or need to figure out how to get to your bios.

Before you start your adventure you look at a few youtube movies to prepare yourself for what is coming.

Use search words like “installation windows 10 1607 clean install how to” etc.

This one seemed ok to me.

Then I have recorded all the screens and questions you will get. You can follow my guide or choose your own settings.

But please know what you share. Take a look at the privacy settings when you do a clean install. You are sharing more then you know.

The screen resolution was all off…

Like always the slogan still works.

Did you try turning it off and on again.

That fixed things for me. If the graphical drivers are not up-to-spec you go download from nvidia, intel or amd.

Next step for me is going to Select all the software you would like to install.

Keep installing software like Office and Adobe Suite.