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We have the possibility to change the i3 bar.

There are three major possibilities.

  • i3status
  • i3blocks
  • conky

They are situated near the bottom of the config.
And even these three have separate lines to try out.

All in all you have 7 possibilities to try out.
All it takes on your part is to put or delete a hashtag before the line.

It can not be easier than that.

In this picture the conky has been activated with all its colours.


But then the challenge start. It might be that some parts are NOT displayed on your computer. Some of these elements in the configuration files of these bars do not exist on your system. It is up to you to open the files, see what is missing and figure out why.

For example a battery indicator will never show up on a desktop.
For example network cards are named differently on all computers.



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