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This is a part of the config file that you change the most.
Next release it will be changed as well.
It is the part where you can make your personal touch.
Your personal theming.

I have made a personal theming project called Combustion you can follow as well.

Near the bottom you will need to change the hexadecimal colors. Colors can be found online or in gpick or in geany and many other tools.

Change one item at a time. For example make it red #FF0000 and then save the config file.
Reload i3 with Super + Shift + R

And learn what you have changed – did anything become Red. Sometimes it only becomes Red IF you do some kind of action.
We went quite into detail in the combustion article if you need a video tutorial on the matter.


Using atom and an extra package called pigment helps you with the color codes.
That is explained here.



Let us learn more about the bar.




Where to find help

Need inspiration for your design