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Remember that this is demonstrated on  an Antergos machine. But you will have to do the same actions on any other distro. As long as the applications are installed, it will work.

You will see me install conky. Future scripts will install conky automatically. This is option 3.

sudo pacman -S conky

You could also install a more graphical variant that can cope with lua programming like clocks, dials etc…

packer -S conky-lua-nv

The last one would be overkill but it will work also. And if you are thinking about installing the aureola conky’s, it is quite necessary.

# OPTION 1 : i3status  

    # type status_command i3status without the config file and 
    # you will get the standard i3status bar
    # this is the standard statusbar with my personal settings

#status_command i3status
status_command i3status -c ~/.config/i3/i3status.conf

# OPTION 2 : i3blocks

    # another way to provide text in the statusbar
    # put hastag in front if not installed

#status_command i3blocks
#status_command i3blocks -c ~/.config/i3/i3blocks.conf

# OPTION 3 : conky

    # You can also replace the istatus bar with a conky
    # be sure to install conky
    # is started and conky will follow
    # documentation :
    # conky configuration is in conky-i3statusbar
#status_command ~/.config/i3/

When on Antergos

Edit the file conky-i3statusbar and remove and add hashtags to see the volume in the correct way. These are the small differences between distro’s. Around line 100.

      #linux mint
      #"full_text": "  ${exec amixer get Master | grep % | awk '{print $4}' | sed 's/[^0-9\%]//g' | head -n1} ",
      #arch linux
      "full_text": "  ${exec amixer get Master | grep % | awk '{print $5}' | sed 's/[^0-9\%]//g' | head -n1} ",

Open this file as there are other lines that are just fine on debian based systems but that will not work on arch based systems.

Check the number of updates, check the name of your ethernet or wireless card,