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You can change the font and the font size. They are both defined in one line in the config file


I have been trying out other fonts on Archlinux, Antergos and Manjaro i3. You can always take a look at the coding and naming of the fonts here.

#font pango:DejaVu Sans Mono 12
#font pango:DejaVu Sans Mono, Terminus Bold Semi-Condensed 11
#font pango:Droid Sans Mono Dotted 12
#font pango:DroidSansMono 13
#font pango:Sans 13
#font pango:hermit 12
#font pango:Inconsolata 15
#font pango:monospace 12
#font pango:SourceCodePro-SemiBold 11
#font pango:Source Code Pro for Powerline, FontAwesome Regular, Icons 9
#font pango:Terminus 14px
#font pango:UbuntuMono-regular 12

Contents of movie

  • changing font : font pango:DejaVu Sans Mono 12
  • hashtag (#) in the beginning of the line and that line will not be executed
  • download and install fonts so i3 can use them