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I get more and more questions of how to change the location of the weather forecast in the aurora conky.

Most of them are based upon one single line in your conky :

${execi 300 curl -s "" -o ~/.cache/weather.xml}

The numbers “1225448” are the ones responsible for the location.

Surf to  and look up your location. In the film we choose Bangkok.

In the url you get in your browser are the numbers responsible for your location. Copy/paste them instead of the other numbers and save it. Reload it. Change the units to “f” or “c” (Fahrenheit and Celsius to your liking).

This particular conky is “System Flair” and came from Jesse Avalos and has been adapted by me. Many of his conky’s use the same script. It applies to all the conky’s you find out there with this url as above.


Not sure yet. Check out the movie.