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The goal is to make scripts that make it easy to change the green accent colour of the Mint-Y theme to be found on

Mint-Y is a theme that is provided when we install the Linux Mint 18 or 18.1

The scripts, to change the colour, can be found at my github on

If you just want to download the themes and not build them, you can do so too on this github :
Follow the steps explained on the github how to download and install them. Remember that these themes will not be updated. They are build upon the code at some point in time.

These are all the Mint-Y themes created with the script and will follow the colour of an icon theme, a wallpaper or a conky we like.

Download all of the created Mint-Y Themes here.

There are always three themes available for any of them :

  • Mint-Y
  • Mint-Y-Dark
  • Mint-Y-Darker

I will only show them for the first one i.e. Mint-Y-Alu.

Mint Y Alu

Mint Y Alu Dark

Mint Y Alu Darker

Mint Y Arc theme

Mint Y Arch theme

Mint Y Evopop theme

Mint Y Faba theme

Mint Y Fire theme

Mint Y Lightning Theme

Mint Y Oranchelo

Mint Y Paper

Mint Y Polo

Mint Y Sun


Installation Tutorials of all the creations

Follow the tutorials on Youtube and you will see how I created the Mint-Y themes.

All needed scripts can be found on this github :
The scripts will continue to improve. So it may differ from the one you see on the video.
Contact me on google+ or github if they do not work anymore.

The latest creations come first. They will use the latest script versions.

The creation of Mint-Y-Crimson (red)

The creation of Mint-Y-Evopop

The creation of Mint-Y-Oranchelo


Early version of Mint-Y theming

I was thinking of not showing this movie but this can be the added value of the movie.

  • more info about how the Mint-Y theme is constructed
  • installing the needed software by hand
  • brackets, sublime-text and catfish were used to figure out Mint-Y
  • using website to figure out codes and colours
  • change colouring script has not changed that much
  • showing assets.svg files – source files
  • deleting all the assets by hand – png files
  • running
  • changing the themes name manually
  • changing the index.themes



The making of the script to change the colours

This can be quite technical and is NOT NEEDED to install the themes.

It can be instructive if you want to do a similar project. You hear me think, make mistakes, figure things out, use the proper tools etc…