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I have been taking a lot of screenshots for this website on Linux Mint 18 Cinnamon and on other distro’s. They are mostly in PNG format. Meaning they are beautiful but also very high in MEGABYTES.

It is not a good practice to upload images that are too big. So next was to open them in Gimp and export them to jpg again.

In gnome-screenshot (press prtscn key or start application screenshot) you do not have settings or preferences to change it. You can use other applications like shutter but I wanted no work arounds and make gnome-screenshot save as png if at all possible. And there is a possibility to change the standard saving format from png to jpg!

Tip : Type Keyboard and see more shortcuts for this program under system.

This is the same screenshot but one is in PNG and one is in JPG. Check out the size.


Content of the tutorial

We will learn that there is a database on our system that is storing many settings of the system but also our personal keyboard shortcuts for example.

We will install programs as dconf-editor and dconf-cli (cli stands for command line interface and you will come it across in other applications).

We will make a little script with gsettings set to be able to change it quickly on an other computer or on a new installation.

Script is saved on the github of Erik Dubois under config_apps.