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Today we are more and more confronted with online purchases and afterwards we can download an .iso file, which is actually  an image of a real dvd or cd.

If we check on we see we can open such a file with different tools.

But if we were to burn them on a real dvd I would suggest to use the following software:


Windows 10 can burn your dvd or cd without any extra software from explorer.

Youtube movie showing how to burn an iso file to a dvd using Linux Mint as an example.


If for some reason, you need an extra program to burn your dvd, you can surf to and select :

  • CDBurnerXP
  • InfraRecorder

Youtube movie burning an iso of linux mint to a dvd with infrarecorder

Mac Osx

My favourite for Mac Osx is :


Great tip included :

How to get rid of the protection on Mac Osx to be able to run programs from the internet

Another Youtube movie burning an iso of bitdefender rescue disk to a dvd with burn.