What is ArchMerge

ArchMerge is a merger of 3 desktop environments.

Xfce4, Openbox and i3.

We think this order is the ideal roadmap to learn more about linux and Arch Linux. The complexity of the desktops increases gradually but your settings of your applications, icons, themes and your files move with you from desktop to desktop. Quite an advantage.

ArchMerge will have the number 6.0 or the name Kirk. ArchMerge is a fork from ArchLabs. I have been the lead project engineer there till end August 2017 and developed 4.0 and 5.0 and I am grateful for the learning experience.

What is our vision

Provide an operating system with all applications with personal theming installed but also bluetooth, printers, …

Provide all icons, themes, cursors, wallpapers, … out of the box.

After installation – no fuss and all fun.

Easy setup. No technical knowledge.

Now I have a extra goal/vision. Being a teacher and loving to teach and spreading my knowledge on the net, I added this vision statement.

Provide Windows users a comfortable transition to the (Arch) Linux world.

Provide a continues stream of tutorials/knowledge on ArchMerge.


Difference between Archmerge.com and Archmerged.com

Archmerge.com is the website where we will post news, information, download, donation, contact, …

This will be headquarters of ArchMerge.

Archmerged.com is the website where we will post all our tutorials. Articles with youtube tutorials will be hosted on this website. Our plan is to get at 300+ articles and youtube tutorials.


This will be our learning platform of ArchMerge.

Look what ArchMerge can offer you…for free

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