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What is the soul of ArchLabs?
What elements can we tweak?
What is critical?

Let us change topics.

We change to the nemesis tint2 theme. You can change any of the elements of a tint2 panel.
We show you how to change a conky and how to edit one. Change wallpapers with nitrogen. Variety can set your wallpapers as well.
You can activate the plank and change theme of plank.

The main files of archlabs are in ~/.config/openbox.

At a later date  you can compare our own ~/.config/openbox folder with the latest config from Archlabs from the github:

What does it contain?

It contains logo’s to be used at your discretion.
It contains scripts to make your life easy and efficient.

  • delete the virtualbox applications when you have decided to install archlabs to a ssd or harddisk
  • get the latest archlabs conky collection from the net in ~/.config/conky
  • get the latest kernel and install it
  • fix icons that normally never change with any icon theme

It contains the autostart. Hashtag out lines you do not want to execute.
It contains menu-obmenu-generated.xml. Alternative to the standard menu.xlm explained here.
It contains menu.xml. This is the standard menu from openbox.
It contains rc.xml. Settings and shortcuts for openbox.

You can change your system using the Openbox Configuration manager.

We show you how to change the icons, themes, cursor and font. There are different applications for different elements.

We show you the lightdm appearance (login) and slimlock theme.

packer archlabs-slimlock-themes-git