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In your hidden folder ~/.config/openbox/scripts folder you will find all the scripts we created mostly out of necessity. Nobody like a repetitive task.

Every installation we wanted to apply the same procedures. It seemed time to make a script to do all of this automatically and waste as little time with this and start working or creating.

I will not run all of them.
It is a decision you will have to make.
Open the scripts and read what they do.

If you want to delete all virtualbox applications (only for ssd and harddisk installations), you run

If you want to have the linux-lts kernel, you can install it with running the script, if you are NOT on virtualbox: install-lts-kernel—

If you want all applications to follow a particular icon theme, you need to run :

If you want to revert back to the linux kernel after installing the linux-lts kernel, you run

If you want to get the latest conky’s from github, you run

If you have server connection problems and want to find the fastest servers, you run