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After using R2-D2 for 10 days and listening to various Youtube bloggers I wanted to measure our memory usage.
Some say the memory usage is low. Others say it can be even lower.

Measuring is knowing.

Minimal setup

The following items have been looked at in order to get the memory usage as low as possible.
But in my eyes I still wanted a functional desktop environment. Hence bluetooth in this test.

I did this test on my daily driver.

At the bottom you can see how much memory is used after a clean install.

Autostart file from openbox


  • compton
  • bluetooth
  • tint2
  • thunar –daemon
  • numlockx
  • polkit gnome authentication agent
  • volumeicon
  • xset b off
  • xfce4-power-manager
  • xfsettingsd
  • network-manager



  • Nitrogen
  • Clipit
  • conky
  • plank
  • temps
  • redshift-gtk


Pamac was deactivated.
Variety was deactivated.
Dropbox was deactivated.
Insync was deactivated.

Then I started the conky AUR-Nemesis to see how much memory was used. That corresponded with other measuring tools.

Memory usage = 610 MB


Maximum setup

I went in the autostart file again and reactivated all of the deactivated application from above. Except redshift-gtk and nitrogen.

Activated – them again

  • Clipit
  • conky
  • plank
  • temps


Pamac was activated.
Variety was activated.
Dropbox was activated.
Insync was activated.

Restarted the computer and this was the result.

Memory usage = 1080 MB

Memory usage after a clean installation

Many Youtube bloggers are astonished how low the memory usage is. Here is what we measured after a clean install on virtualbox and on an actual SSD.

Checking on virtualbox

Memory usage = 375 MB

Checking on ssd

Memory usage = 453 MB



Now we have a reference point for the memory usage on ArchLabs.

And I am very happy with this low use of memory.

Thank you Arch Linux.