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Archlabs Nemesis is NOT an operating system. It is my personal customization after a clean install of ArchLabs. Whenever a new release comes out, I will add applications and change ‘design’ settings like the terminal termite. Like any distro it is just a tool. It is up to the users to be creative and use different fonts, themes, icons, applications etc.

We have two levels in ArchLabs Nemesis. The root level and the personal level.

Root level is all about installing applications that are not installed on the iso. The personal level is the design or settings I like and I want those back after a clean install.

Linux applications will keep their setting or in a database or in in the ~/.config folder. The iso of ArchLabs Yoda is filled with personal preferences from my personal folder. That is why geany has a dark theme and so on. In essence we put our preferences on github. And when the time comes to try out another release, we copy/paste over the config files from github to the newly installed ArchLabs. All personal information is then kept on dropbox or insync. These cloud services will sync everything back to the clean install. I switch from SSD as well to test and try out new distro’s. No dual boots (and headache) for me.

That is how I roll.







Many things have changed. Here you see the termite terminal has changed and many bookmarks have been added. My bookmarks point to my directory /home/erik. So you will need to change that to your username unless you have “erik” as username.