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Re-edit for R2-D2

ArchLabs is packed with lots of applications. We, as developers, know that but I guess we have to get the word out there. I think we fell short in that respect.

That is what this article is about : menu’s and applications

Linux is about freedom. Choose the menu you feel comfortable with.

ArchLabs has 6 menu’s and can show all applications in the menu.

Super + Spacebar or CTR + ALT + Q = openbox menu

Super + Shift + D = dmenu

Ctrl + Spacebar or Super + F11/F12= rofi menu

Alt + F3 or CTRL + ALT + A = xfce4appfinder

ALT + F2 = gmrun

Plank – activate it in autostart

But what if you do not know the name of the application then you can try the xfce4-appfinder. All applications are listed there OR you can choose to go for a menu generated by obmenugenerator. That is explained in this article.

Menu’s is THE topic of this video tutorial. We will go over all the menu’s.
Gmrun or ALT + F2 has been forgotten in this video.
Plank was too obvious and was forgotten in this video.

You choose what menu you like best.