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After installing Archlabs 4.0 you might still be missing software, themes and icons. I recommend to use Github as described in this article to be able to quickly upgrade to your ideal version of Archlabs. Run the scripts you like. Save your personal settings and copy/paste them back after a clean installation. You can even make a fork from my github so you will have to make a few minor adjustments. You do not need to start from scratch. Copy/paste!

My scripts will be coming from

This github will always be kept up-to-date. Whatever release of Archlabs we are currently on, that is what I will install afterwards to fine-tune my desktop experience.

We will have two tutorials. We will install all scripts on the root level in the first tutorial. The second tutorial will be containing all my personal settings of applications. Mostly coming out of the ~/.config folder. None of these scripts are required. Linux is freedom of choice so choose. It might be a good idea to run all the scripts in a virtual box and see what the end result can be.

Tutorial 1 – root level scripts

Tutorial 2 personal settings