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20. How to install the aureola conky’s

The conky is coming from a different github. The script will download and install it.

Stopping the program can be done with CTRL +C. Just if git is too slow.

Stopping conky’s can be done in the terminal with

killall conky


21. How to set the fonts a big bigger



22. How to make custom keyboard shortcuts



23. How to get rid or how to get icons on your desktop



24. Desktop theming

Changing the colour of the conky aureola with gpick.
Changing the theme.
Changing the icons.


25. how to make a screenshot to share with everyone



26. Let us go over all 62 Sardi Icon sets

The normal Sardi icon set is only 18 icon sets.

But Sardi is meant to be changed. There are several scripts included in the folders with which you can change the colours.

The sardi extra github is collecting all these scripts over time. Beware they are not updated and Sardi is continuously updated.


27. Let us go over all the surfn icons on xfce



28. How to install a Canon Pixma MG7750


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