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10. Changing the look of the terminal

Since we work a lot in the terminal, it is important to tweak this application.


11. Let us install the bulk of the applications

In this script are all the applications I would miss if they were not installed.


12. Variety will provide us with great wallpapers

Variety has many interesting possibilities. You can read more about variety here.


13. How to install sardi and surfn icons

Installing sardi icons and surfn icons will be done by running scripts.


14. There are always icons that do not follow the theme or how to fix hardcoded icons

Sometimes applications are ‘obviously’ not following the theme you selected. Here is what you can do.
If it is still not fixed, you will have to change the code yourself manually. That is explained here.

Another movie at the bottom of this article will go into details. There is nothing worse in customizing your desktop when just one icon is out of place.


15. how to install the arc red theme from horst3180

This is NOT the standard colour from Horst3180.

If you want to make your own arc theme with different colours, you can read these articles.

16. How to install the standard arc theme from horst3180

This IS the standard colour of Horst3180.


17. installing plank and over 100+ plank themes

The most important thing to remember is to right mouse click on the plank (or dock) with CTRL pressed on your keyboard. That is how you get to the preferences.

More about plank can be found here.

Plank will make a shadow when you activate it. Solution provided.

We will make sure that plank will autostart next time.


18. Panel settings


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