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After installing Antergos XFCE, Manjaro XFCE and Xubuntu 16.10 it is time to do a complete video tutorial about Linux Mint 18 XFCE.

We start with this desktop.


And end up with these after a few tutorials







1. Setting the source and getting updates

Following software has been installed on a crisp clean Linux Mint 18 Xfce.

  • simplescreenrecorder to make the movies
  • vlc to test the sound was good

Updating the system and setting the preferences for future updates coming from a local repository.
What is our kernel now?
What to do with these extra kernels mint is asking us to install?


2. Installing the latest kernel

Where can we see what kernel is available on linux mint?
We work with the files of the github Ultimate-Linux-Mint-18-Xfce. We know that there are newer kernels around.
So we change the script and run it. That is what we will do in the movie.



3. Checking the newest kernel

Where do you see that you are using the latest kernel?


4. Nvidia/Ati drivers and others?

Whether to install proprietary drivers from Nvidia and the likes is up to you. My advice is try your system first the way it is now working with the opensource drivers and see how it feels. You can always install the drivers at a later stage. This article is about nvidia and how to install the driver from on one of my more ‘stubborn’ computers.

Driver manager can help you here.


5. Add google as search engine in firefox rather than yahoo


6. Added extensions to firefox like lastpass and xmarks

Lastpass is following me around on all my systems. It holds all my websites with their individual logins and passwords. Xmarks are all the bookmarks I want to keep.


7. Setting up github for my personal convenience

This is actually NOT NECESSARY to do. I did make a tutorial how you could use github ‘the easy way‘. I am showing you what I do each time I install a distro (in the meantime over 40 distro’s installed) and leave a ‘trace’ on my github if I intend to reinstall it in the future.

Github can be called a kind of dropbox. I put my files online to share my work with you.

Again just interesting if you want to push(share) files to the net.



8. Setting the default application in Linux Mint XFCE

Vlc and a movie is just an example. It works with all extensions.


9. Changing the theme to a dark theme


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