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July 2017 Sardi 9.3 was released and with it a new way to download and install all the variations and mixing of the icons.

At this point in time you can choose from 103 Sardi icon variations + 20 Sardi core icons

All these Sardi icons will NOT slow down your computer. You will just have more choice.

And these extra Sardi icon themes will always be up-to-date. They will always follow the version of the core Sardi Icons from sourceforge.

Why so many choices

Sardi is shared in a way that you, as a user, can change it.

I deliberately gave an SVG rather than a png. A svg can be edited by any texteditor and the hexadecimal color can be changed by you. All what we need are scripts to do that manual work for us and that is how these variations started many years ago.

Sardi icons can be very flexible. You can change some of the icon themes with the help of a script.
Icon themes with the names ‘flexible‘ or ‘colora‘ inside have multiple scripts inside to make a new variation on the current theme.

For example 
Sardi Flexible has blue icons. After running the script ‘’ all blue colours will be light pink like the faba icons.

On this date 72 Sardi icon ‘variations’ were released.


Sardi icons can be very modular. You can use folders of one theme and add them to an other icon theme.
There is NO scripting involved here. We use the power of the inherits line.

For example
Sardi Arc is very nice. But you really like the Sardi Mono icons. You can create a Sardi Mono Arc using the folders from Sardi Arc and using the Sardi Mono application icons.

On this date 31 Sardi icon ‘mixing’ were released.

In total an 103 variations can be downloaded and selected without scripting + the 20 standard Sardi icons.
That result in 123 icon choices depending on the conky, wallpaper, theme, your mood, time of the day, etc


Flexibility = variations = scripting
Modularity = mixing = no scripting



ArchLabbers and Arch Linux users can use the AUR.

packer sardi- 

and press enter to see all the possibilities.

I have organised the downloads per core icon theme

  1. Sardi
  2. Sardi Flat
  3. Sardi Flexible
  4. Sardi Ghost Flexible
  5. Sardi Mono
  6. Sardi Orb

So if you like the Sardi Flexible icon themes you type

packer sardi-flexible

and press enter to see all the possibilities.


Installation for all other distro’s.

Option 1

Download and install all 103 icon themes at once and then select (or keep) what you like. Do not forget to install the Sardi core icon theme from Sourceforge.

Option 2

You know which icons you like and want only these ones.

Find all repositories from Erik Dubois concerning Sardi

Option 3

You can also use a script to get the latest Sardi Extra icon set. That script is called “” on github but only if you like to use scripts. It is not necessary to do so to have the sardi extra icons. You can run it whenever you feel like it and it will get the latest icons from sourceforge and the script will put them in your hidden .icons folder.


Overview – Structure of Sardi




What do they look like these 103 variations and mixing of Sardi icons

After a short explanation we will take a look at all these created icon themes.

  • ArchLabbers use packer
  • other users can download all icons from github – Sardi-Extra
  • difference between variations and mixing
  • going over all 103 looks



Installation made easy

Use the scripts that I created to INSTALL out the Sardi packages AND use the script to UNINSTALL all sardi-extra icons.

On the github of Erik Dubois i.e. you can find the scripts that are used to install and uninstall all (currently) 103 Sardi Extra icons. You will see in the video how these scripts work.